A must for seniors and persons with disabilities...

 We're opening doors for you! 


Automate your existing sliding door.

Great for outdoor entertaining

  • No more struggling to "open the door" when your hands are full! 
  • No more shouting "Close the door behind you!"

 And let's not forget... our pets!


The Maitre D'oor Residential Sliding Door Opener can accommodate most sliding door sizes and designs.  The majority of installations fall into the examples illustrated below.  Also keep in mind:

  • Review the options, more than one may apply
  • Hardware is provided to cover these installations.
  • Minor modifications to door brackets or door bracket mounting may be required.  We've covered some of this in our installation manual.
  • A section of the upper door trim (if applicable) will need to be removed to allow the "Opener" to lay flush against the wall
  • The "Opener will protrude 3" out from the wall.  Window treatments may need to be adjusted,
  • The long door bracket is used if the door is recessed. This recess can be up to 2-1/2" in from wall.
  • The short door bracket is used is the door is more flush with the wall (as seen in the photo here).


Flush Mount

Long Door Bracket                                           Short Door Bracket                                      Modified Long Door Bracket                                           

Long Door Bracket                           Short Door Bracket                        


Flush Mount using short door bracket

Flush Mount using short door bracket

Under Mount (use short or modified long door bracket)

Under Mount

Flush Mount (using long door bracket)

Flush Mount using Long 
Door Bracket