A must for seniors and persons with disabilities...

 We're opening doors for you! 


Automate your existing sliding door.

Great for outdoor entertaining

  • No more struggling to "open the door" when your hands are full! 
  • No more shouting "Close the door behind you!"

 And let's not forget... our pets!


General Installation Information

  • The Maitre D' oor Residential Sliding Door Opener is for residential use only.
  • Your door must travel freely with no tight spots.  it is not unusual for sliding doors to get out of alignment,  this can happen just under normal usage.  Our installation manual will guide you through steps to properly adjust your door prior to installing the Maitre D' oor.
  • The free moving force of your door should not exceed 20 lbs.  To get through the door's seal, force should not exceed 30 lbs.
  • The Maitre D' oor will accommodate doors with up to a 42" opening.  If your door opening is wider, the operator will only open to 42".  If your door opens more than 42", you may want to use the optional tilting door bracket for when you need to open your door to it's extent.
  • The opener has been designed for both right and left-hand doors.  No internal adjustments are required.  When ordering with our motion/threshold sensors, please specify a right or left-hand opening and we will pre-wire the opener for the inside sensor for your convenience.

Maitre D'oor Opener Sketch

 Main Keypad Location

 Select a convention location near the door but away from the sensor range (if using sensors).

  •    10 ft of cable is provided
Transformer Location
Choose a location that is close to an electrical outlet.
  • 20 ft. of wire (24v) is provided from the transformer to the opener.
  • Place transformer in a location away from normal traffic if possible.

Sketch is shown with optional sensor mat and motion/threshold sensor. (You choose your optional items)