FCC Compliant

The Maitre D'oor meets all industry safety standards




A must for seniors and persons with disabilities...

 We're opening doors for you! 


Automate your existing sliding door.

Great for outdoor entertaining

  • No more struggling to "open the door" when your hands are full! 
  • No more shouting "Close the door behind you!"

 And let's not forget... our pets!



 The Sleek Design of the Maitre D'oor Opener measures only 3”D x 3-1/4” H x 66” L

 •  Operator mounts on the inside, above the door.

The Linear Actuator Drive System employed has been used in industry to generate reciprocating motion for many years. Syver-Tech has used this existing and reliable technology to develop a superior, quiet and long-life sliding door opener.

The linear actuator drive block has six (6) preloaded precision ball bearings mounted at an angle. This converts the rotary motion of the shaft into the linear motion required by the drive block. Spring force applied to the block is factory set to provide slippage when permissible thrust load is exceeded.

Drive Block

Superior Benefits of this Drive:

•  Sealed ball bearings require no lubrication for life.

•  Quiet and smooth motion.

•  Life expectancy of bearing will provide hundreds of thousands of door cycles.

•  Overload protection when needed.

•  In case of power failure, door can be opened manually. Shaft and drive block spin freely.

Significant emphasis was given to incorporate Current Safety Requirements as well as many Convenience Features :

•  Automatic Reversing

•  Electro-Mechanical Lock (Failsafe), releases automatically if a power failure occurs.

•  Powered by a 24 VDC Class II transformer (low voltage), Rated as a Low Energy Device (ANSI/BHMA     A156-19)

•  FCC Compliant

•  Choice of devices for hands free door activation includes motion sensors and sensor mats.

•  Other devices available include wireless buttons, keyfobs and a keycode to lock /unlock the door from     the outside.

Click here for the video demonstration 

Universal Mounting Versatility, to accommodate a great number of single panel door styles on the market with adjustable limit switches to allow for various door widths

•  Left or Right-hand door openings. Just flip the operator 180° and re-attach drive lever.

•  Door opening up to 42”

For Outside Sliding Panels :

An extra long, tilting door bracket is available.

•  The (inside) screen cannot be used when the operator is engaged. This bracket allows easy       disengagement of the opener's drive lever, thus allowing use of the screen when desired.

The Maitre D'oor was designed for Easy Installation. Installation times vary based on:

•  Door adjustments prior to installation

•  Removal of trim or window treatments if applicable

•  Type of door

•  Mounting option selected

•  Installation of outside motion sensor

•  Approx time: 3-4 hours

Warranty: 1 year under normal usage (see manuals for details)

Shaft Bearings Double-Sealed Ball Bearing:

Load Capacity Rating: Radial Load 500 lbs/1800 RPM

Actual: Minimal radial load

Thrust Load Rating: 250 lbs intermittent

 Actual: Intermittent at 35-40 lbs max. Very low RPM during initial opening and final closing.

 Drive Block Bearings - Double-Sealed Ball Bearing

 Load Rating is based on 1500 hours min life.

Using a very conservative safety factor of 75% equals 1150 hours min life.

•  1150 hours = 4,140,000 seconds.

•  Typical opening and closing cycle = 6 seconds

•  4,140,000 ¸ 6 = 690,000 cycles

•  100 cycles per day x 365 days = 36,500 cycles/year.

 690,000 cycles ¸ 36,500 cycles/yr = 18.9 yrs . (Calculated, approx. life expectancy)

 Slide Block – Molded Polycarbonate

Contains 30% glass; 15% Teflon.

The housing is factory lubricated along the slide block track with high quality anti-seize lubricant. Slide is self- lubricating (Teflon). Inspect annually under high use conditions.

 Motor 36 VDC

 Manufactured with long life brushes, min brush life 1200 hours (4,320,000 seconds).

Based on 100 cycles per day, (36,500 yr) @ 6 seconds per cycle = 720,000 cycles or 19.7 yrs.

Based on intermittent duty application and the fact that there is minimal radial load applied to the motor bearings.

 Transformer (Power Supply)

 Primary: 120v / 60 Hz

 Secondary: 24v @ 75 VA 3.5 Amp

 Limit Switches

 Rated at 50 million cycles

 Lock Solenoid - 24vdc

Rated: 500,000 Lock engagements

Actual: Holding voltage used is 18v dc pulsing, increasing life expectancy to approx. 1 million cycles.

Main Control Board

No current flowing during switching. All solid state with one (1) relay rated at 20 million cycles.