A must for seniors and persons with disabilities...

 We're opening doors for you! 


Automate your existing sliding door.

Great for outdoor entertaining

  • No more struggling to "open the door" when your hands are full! 
  • No more shouting "Close the door behind you!"

 And let's not forget... our pets!


Maitre D'oor Features

The Main Keypad is the central control for the opener.  Use it for:

  • Turning Power off/on
  • Locking your door
  • Changing the feature settings
  • Easy Programming of your wireless accessories
  • Activating an opening or closing
  • Starting a Teach Cycle
  • A visual aid, the LED's light up to show the status of door operation
Standard Features can easily be changed using the Main Keypad.
6 Speed Settings
Sets the opening and closing speed of the door.
6 Delay Settings
Adjusts the amount of time your door remains open before starting a close cycle.
Closing Signal
For alerting you when the door starts to close.
Outside accessories can be set to ring the internal doorbell if activated when the door is in a lock mode.
Remote Echo
Alerts you when yor door is being accessed by emitting a tome when any remote accessory is activating the door.

Tells the Opener to automatically close after it has fully opened.
Motion/Threshold Sensor Settings
Open and Hold Open setting or Hold Open Only setting. (See accessories for more detail)

and customize the Opener to fit your needs.